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The daughter could be eight years old, while the man she was married to was twenty. Although these empires were located in different geographic regions, they both used social hierarchy, language, bureaucracy, and religion as a means of political control.

History[ edit ] Walter Scheidel reviewed the previous scholarship when he explained the purpose of Stanford University 's Ancient Chinese and Mediterranean Empires Comparative History Project and the framework of its study in the early 21st century.

During the 4th century c. Gupta inscriptions, some of them on "victory pillars" provide first hand information not only about royalty but society in general. Aryabhatta put an end to this thought by proving that the Earth and surrounding planets were in fact spheres.

Both rulers created large bureaucracies to administer their empires and they both worked strenuously to increase the authority and prestige of the central government.

They promoted trade and communication within their own empires, and fostered the spread of cultural and religious traditions to distant regions.

Hence, similarities between the governments of the Han Dynasty and the Mauryan Dynasty are that both were bureaucracies and both divided government responsibilities among officials. These military conquests were prominent throughout history under many different generals and emperors.

The Han and the Roman Empires were different in their falls because the Han suffered from serious revolts whereas the Romans did not; also the effects of their falls were different because China was able to make a fairly quick comeback whereas Rome was never able to do so.

Both of these systems had a class or Varna that consisted of unskilled people.

Difference between Maurya & Gupta dynasty?

In the field of comparative studies between empires, not just Rome and China, Shmuel Eisenstadt 's The Political System of Empires has been described as influential as it pioneered the comparative approach. Aryhabhata, an Indian astronomer, discovered that the earth was a sphere and figured out that the solar year had days.

Another notable accomplishment by the Gupta was developing zero and a decimal system. The Han Dynasty controlled their empire through Confucianism.

Scheidel notes that there are no comparative studies of high culture ; there is also a virtual absence of work on "political, social, economic or legal history" of the Greco-Roman world and ancient China.

Chandragupta set up a stable civilization with a well functioning government, but his son, Samudragupta, was the individual responsible for extending the empire. Mauryan India was also exposed to an era of social harmony, religious transformation and expansion of the sciences and knowledge.

It was known to be one of the most peaceful and wealthy civilizations of its time. The most significant mathematical discovery was the invention of the numerals.

Indian physicians excelled in medicines, caesarean section, bone setting, and skin grafting, smallpox vaccination Gupta Buddhist Art depict the stories of Buddhism spanning from the period from bce to ce.

Formal political power remained in the hands of a small, privileged class of people in Rome. Augustus Caesar gave more self-government to their provinces and districts to maintain order. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Evidence — … Paragraph 3: Although they traded along the silk trade routes, China remained isolated and kept to themselves.

Because space travel was out of the question at this current time in history, it was truly remarkable that the discovery of the shape of the Earth was made.

Difference Between Mauryan And Gupta Empires

Male dominance; the only subject you can ever get me extremely wound up about. Their government was structured with power being centered around the emperor, but the emperor also set up a bureaucracy in which he selected many officials to govern alongside him based on their abilities as opposed to social status.

Buddhist and Jain literature, which was produced earlier in Pali, Ardhamagadhi and other Prakrit languages, began to appear in Sanskrit. Women came to possess a great deal of property and many supervised the financial affairs of family businesses and wealthy estates.

The Mauryan Empire collapsed in B. Both were huge empires and both had large influences that can be seen even today. Gupta Dynasty re-united India; very strong mathematics accomplishments including inventing the numbers and 0.

Both Buddhism and Hinduism were widely prevalent. These fables featured animals that played the parts of kings, princes, princesses, ministers, and spies; usually containing a comedic lesson of wisdom.

Under the rule of these dynasties both of the civilizations had a great advantage of trading because in India the empire insisted on trading and secured the area of trading Khyber Passwhile in China they were trading through the Silk Road with the Roman Empire and the Chinese empire also provided security for the trade route.

Compare and Contrast Han China and Imperial Rome - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Comparing and contrasting the social structure and political system of Han China and Imperial RomeUser rating: 3/5.

Gupta Dynasty short notes - Indian History • Chandragupta I was the real founder and the first ruler of Gupta Dynasty. • Chandragupta I adopted the tile ‘Maharajadhiraja’. • Samudragupta is popularly known as ‘Indian Napoleon’, because of.

The most significant difference between Imperial Rome and Mauryan/Gupta India was the structure of their governments, yet both empires were heavily influenced by religion and both had similar causes of their eventual Get an answer for 'What are the differences and similarities between China's Han Dynasty and India's Mauryan Dynasty in terms of politics, society, culture, geography, and religion?' and find.

· The Roman and Han Empires were among the greatest empires in the history of the World. Both ruling in the first century of the Common Era, the Han dynasty peaking in the s and the Roman Empire in the s, these empires showed great military power, strived in economic trade, and their territories covered vast  · The Han dynasty was the historical successor of the Chin empire, established by Shi Hwang Ti in BCE.

For two centuries, Han emperors ruled over an expanding kingdom connected to the West via the Silk

Gupta compare han
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