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It should have read, John Prather, nothing more, and no less. A, resident of Calhoun Co. It was buried Sunday. Re-recruited his command among exchanged prisoners at Vicksburg in early December Company C, 1st Regt. Brother of Sida H.

Was treated in hospitals at Alexandria, Va. Took oath and released 21 Dec. Age 42, farmer, Sheridan District, Calhoun Co. Some suppose it was done by mice.

Grave 17' South of Charity Depue's grave. Kenton; William Jarboe; and other relatives. Brother of Robert Ferrell.

Parkison ; and E. Born Kanawha Lewis Co. Such concern was intensified in when the Kentucky legislature outlawed the importation of more African slaves into the state for sale. Who is there to mourn for Logan. At sixteen he fled west in the mistaken belief that he had killed a fellow combatant in a youthful fracas; he adopted the surname Butler until he learned in that his adversary was still alive.

Florida State Prison Inmate Directory Search

Age 44, farmer, Calhoun Co. The land was entered and sur- veyed by John A. Took the oath, released, 12 Juneage 34, 5' 11", light complexion, dark hair and blue eyes, a resident of Calhoun Co.

One such slave history includes the story of Lucie and Thornton Blackburn, a Kentucky slave couple escaping to start a new life in Canada. Dave never stops for wind or water when he sets his mind to go anywhere. Contracted typhoid fever in Junewhich resulted in rheumatism, heart and back problems.

H, 19th Virginia Cavalry. Not stated if present or absent on muster-in-roll dated August1st Corporal. The monument when complete, will be mounted with a statue of the old warrior. Wrote "Recollections of a Lifetime" in Now, the "wilderness" as it was called, with but one exception, was ripe for settlement.

Wounded in action in Arrested on 29 Nov.

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Todd did not come up with the main body of troops until the sun was two hours high. Age 35, farmer, Washington Township, Calhoun Co. The attack was made before it was light enough to discern objects distinctly, and was not successful as it was hoped to be.

Kentucky’s Underground Railroad: Passage to Freedom

The land on which the town was located was the property of General Massie and he donated to the first one hundred families one in-lot, as an inducement to them to become permanent settlers in his primitive city.

Dated 24th April. Introduction. This catalog lists the population schedules, reproduced as microfilm publication T, and the Soundex indexes.

This microfilm has been reproduced by the National Archives and Records Administration from the highest quality master negatives available from the Bureau of the Census.

Census. Updated February 7, On January 10,a fire in the Commerce Department building, Washington, DC, resulted in the destruction of most of the census, to the woe of researchers ever since.

Information regarding offenders currently incarcerated with the Florida Department of Corrections and throughout Florida County Jails is made available as a public service and in the interest of public safety.

Joshua Meads 66 M Farmer Maryland Could NOT read or write Sarah Meads 66 F Maryland Jacob(?) McWilliams46 M Laborer Kentucky in Greenup, Illinois. She married (2) WILLIAM GREENWOOD June 01, in Daviess Fought in Civil War and was a prisoner at Andersonville.

Notes for EMMA JANE COSBY: Stone says " D. Oct. 3, Age 17y. 6m. One Family, One Judge, One Court. Family Court is involved in the most intimate and complex aspects of human nature and social relations.

For that reason, Family Court uses a case management process that distinguishes it from other trial courts.

Hi! My name is Levi Garrett Greenup and I am 28 years old. I was born in Alaska, but spent many years growing up in Florida. I started getting into trouble as a teenager, smoking weed and selling drugs.

Levi greenup write a prisoner
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Kentucky’s Underground Railroad: Passage to Freedom