Orange crate lable

Secret ingredients in the inks made colors which no one has been able to duplicate today. Later photo composition and off set printing were used.

California labels are generally more expensive--and more desirable to collectors--than Florida labels. A couple of the most daring were Blue Lake Brand's topless indian girl with her strategically placed canoe paddle, and the unabashedly bare-breasted mermaid on the Deep Water Brand citrus label.

It was in the s that the packing houses in both Florida and California ended the sixty-odd year tradition of marking their products with colorful labels on the ends of wooden crates.

Orange crates were anything but ordinary

Designed by commercial artists, most of these labels were produced in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Collectors trade and sell their labels or buy from shops or on the internet.

Florida packers liked to use black people on their labels and many old labels show exaggerated stereotypical black characters named "Mammy" or "Black Joe" eating fruit.

Prices vary wildly on labels. Later photo composition and offset printing came into use. For more immediate assistance, you may call the number located at the bottom of this page, and I can help you over the phone.

This site was born on May 22, and is evolving. McClellan and Jay T. This mermaid was certainly one of the most daring. Photo courtesy Orange County Archives Finally, the exhibit provides examples of Orange County itself providing the inspiration for local fruit crate label illustrations.

Old Florida labels were usually 9" by 9". Thousands of unused labels were thrown out or stashed in basements of the packinghouses. They were for the few, not the many; but because the immigrant of the s and s was quintessentially middle class—and thus capable of being impressed by the habits and styles of privilege—the tourist hotel did more than pleasure its wealthy clientele.

Yet, somehow, miraculously, thousands of labels have been found in varying quantities, enough for collectors to appreciate from far and wide.

Vintage fruit crate label stock photos

The HOA converted to non-profit corporation in Orange crate labels gain value with age. Customize your labels by adding images, shapes, text, and more to your design using Maestro Label Designer. % compatible with all OnlineLabels label products, over 12, clipart images to choose from, mail merge tools, barcode generators, and more!

These are original American antique fruit and vegetable crate labels, never used and in mint condition, quantities of old and original labels have been found in storage warehouses and printing plants. Orange crate label-Rose Brand Oranges by A work from the collections of the de Young and Legion of Honor museums of San Francisco, CA.

Southern California used to have many large orange groves. Fruit crate label See more. Orange crate label vintage california sunshine art deco.

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Antique Label Company. Hello to All Our Customers, As you may have heard or seen on TV, the Camp Fire in Northern California destroyed the town of Paradise.

This is the town where we lived and did our business. And as with everyone we know, almost all homes have been destroyed, including ours, along with all the original paper labels Dick has. Nice CLIPPER orange crate label from the Keen Fruit Corporation, Frostproof, Florida.

/4 by /4 inches. A wide selection of Vintage Orange crate labels for sale, or to view Orange Crate Art. Citrus crate labels.

Orange crate lable
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